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moving company new yorkRelocation is an involving and nerve wrecking process, to help ease the process, you search to find movers in your local area with the best services in a moving company in new york. Welcome to Midpoint 1 residetial moving service, where we deliver reliability and satisfaction. When leaving from one home to a new home, numerous details have to be put into consideration. To start with, you have to ensure that your belongings are secure. All items have to be well packed to avoid damages. Heavy household items such as furniture may be hard to move. Not to forget items are known to get lost forever while moving from house to house.

Generally, it is never easy to leave your familiar residence to a new place. There is no better way to mitigate the stress that comes with relocating than hiring professional movers.

Packing becomes much easier when done by professionals. Armed with years of experience, relocating professionals transports items, sorting them and packing them accordingly. You can be assured that your fragile kitchenware for instance will arrive in one piece. They have the right boxes and containers to arrange your stuff. The ready boxes are loaded to the trucks with efficiency and transported to your new premises. You won’t have to hassle as you unpack your household items. The experts will not only unpack but also arrange everything the way you want it. We will not only meet but will also surpass your expectations!

While working with experts in this service field, you have no chance of incurring a loss whatsoever. Besides packing your things well, all your personal belongings will be insured. Knowing that you stuff is well protected; you can enjoy some peace of mind.  Don’t wait until the last minute start now by calling for a quote (1888) 367-4585.

moving company new yorkYou will enjoy a great deal of convenience by hiring the best experts for your move. Your part will only be to discuss the terms and conditions of the job. Next, you have to sign a contract. Then, sit back and watch as you get the best value for your money. You can focus your time and efforts to other activities. For instance, you could familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood as you make new friends.

We have the necessary equipment to handle heavy furniture. Doing this process on your own makes you prone to injuries. With a professional company, all risks are eliminated and safety is guaranteed. You may have some goods who are willing to lend a hand but everyday life responsibilities of work , school, children etc… your  friends may not have the energy to lift heavy gadgets for you. Midpoint 1 relocating specialists are willing to walk with you until you are settled in your new place.

Most people may shy away from hiring a moving company service in new york for the fear of incurring hefty costs. Fortunately they could not be further from the truth. Statistics indicate that working with a local moving company could be more cost effective than you doing it yourself. Consider all the time you will save and the losses you will avoid! You are also not likely to incur injuries that could cost you a fortune in terms of medical bills. With Midpoint 1 you will get the right price estimates. There are no hidden charges involved. The price you pay may depend on the distance to be covered and the items being moved. Our service fee is determined by our hourly rate and the amount of movers/ hours needed for your moving. If moving long distance we charge separately for tolls at the bridge rate. There is also a nominal charge for stairs per floor. If you do not have stairs from your moving location or new home this does not apply to you.  For local moves, the cost will be very low. Midpoint 1 offers two moving solutions to accommodate you; Transportation Only or Transportation Plus.

Transportation Plus: Customer is requesting either packing, unpacking or both. Also if customer requests help for assembly, disassembly or both. There will be an additional fee of $5.00/Hr per mover added. If their are stairs an additional small fee of $5.00 added per floor.

Transportation only: customer is only requesting loading of their packed belongings and transported from their prior home to their new residence. The only rate for you to look at is the rate for the number of movers needed for your apartment type per hourly rate. If you have stairs an additional fee of $5.00 per floor will be added.

Midpoint 1 The Best Most and Affordable Service Choice

Rates are determined by how many movers are needed for your move. All jobs will be done with two movers minimum. If you are moving long distance there will be an additional fee of $5.00/Hr per mover.  Call us today and we will help you budget your move accordingly. Whether you are moving from a house or an apartment we are one of the best moving companies in ny (1888) 367-4585.

Please take a look at our rate table below                                                                                                       

     Apt Type                    Rate/Hr      # Movers   Complete Time    Transport Plus        Long Dist              

       Single Room


$60 2 2 $10 $10


$60 2 2 $10 $10
1-      Bedroom


$60 2 3 $10 $10
2-      Bedroom


$80 3 4-5 $15 $15
3-      Bedroom


$80 3 6-7 $15 $15
4-      Bedroom


$100 4 8-12 $15 $15


  • We specialize in small and large moves.
  • We also can provide same day movers.
  • Whether you’re relocating near or miles away in ny, leave it to us to move you with ease.
  • Most other providers can’t provide the personal approach and attention to detail we provide our customers.

We will make your move hassle free and affordable. Call for a quote.

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